The keys to learning are continuation, personal drive, quality media, and dedicated teachers. Our faculty strives to provide a fun and comfortable environment for our students to engage in the educational experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to our learning community.


who we are?

EASYWAYS customizes the   language training services to adapt to your unique learning needs with complete professional assistance and support. Our programs cover different types of language levels, as per the requirement needed from beginner to advanced, from acquisition to sustainment and enhancement. We use a proficiency-based approach to language training that emphasizes communication. 

Breaking through the barriers between cultures and peoples;


We envision a world of diverse, engaged individuals and communities who can contribute to social justice, solidarity, peace and environmental sustainability.

OUR mission

To provide high quality and impactful intercultural learning experiences and opportunities, as well as capacity building, to all work, so that they can better contribute for a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

our focus


Contribute to the development of the international community by enhancing multicultural symbiosis.
At our school, even those who do not understand Japanese at all can grow to a level where they can

enter a Japanese university or graduate school in the future, or get a job. In addition, it is a Japanese language education institution with a sense of home, where experienced instructors will teach you not only “Japanese language” but also “life skills in Japan.


portfolio &

process in short

Studying abroad especially in Language school is one of the most effective ways to bolster your educational background and resume for further higher studies in that country. In addition to this, it also grows your practical life skills and independence before venturing out into the world. Our programs are designed with these things in mind; giving our students the opportunity to gain a valuable, rigorous, and life changing academic experience that will glow brightly on their respective fields, and to allow them to put some miles on their soul, and to experience the world in greater detail as a student abroad. All of this is done by giving our students the opportunity to explore their host country independently, but with the structure and supervision provided by our compassionate and highly skilled staff. Studying abroad in Language School is truly one of the best, and most rewarding, experiences any student can engage in before heading off.

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